The interview went well, or at least I think it did. At the risk of sounding arrogant I think they will make me an offer. The question is: will I accept it? It’s 40 hours a week vs my current 37.5, but I’m happy enough with everything else that as long as the salary fairly reflects the extra hours I’ll probably accept. I guess there are a few big ifs in there. If they offer it to me, and if they go up to the top end of their salary range.

I feel like I’m jumping the gun a bit though. After I went through it all in my own head a few days ago I think that staying put for the moment is probably the right strategy. I can afford to see how things play out with my current employer, and maybe that’s even preferable. So if nothing comes of this, I probably won’t apply for anything else just yet.

I can’t believe how stressed my body has been today. The interview was this morning, but my heart rate stayed above 70 all afternoon. That’s crazy.

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