The never ending interview process

So after my final stage interview on Friday, I now have a really-final-I-promise stage interview tomorrow. According to the recruiter, I’m the only person to go through to this stage so he is cautiously optimistic they’re going to make me an offer, but who knows. I am not sure about this role, so I’m more on the side of cautiously pessimistic that they’re going to offer it to me.

The interview is with my potential manager and the non-technical officer who confused things on Friday. As we are now off-script I do wonder if they’ve decided internally that they don’t want to use the framework I have experience with, but they still want to hire me (which is a hard no from me). Or it may be that they realised they made a mess of it and want to convince me that my choice is fine. Or maybe they just don’t really know what they’re doing.

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