A week or so ago I had trouble sleeping one night. After going to bed about 10PM, I was still awake at about midnight feeling REALLY uncomfortably hungry. Like, extremely. I’ve felt like this before when I was anaemic. I don’t think I’m anaemic again. I shouldn’t be. Anyway, it turns out I’ve lost a couple of kilograms over the past few months, so I’m probably just not eating enough.

I started tracking my weight closely in June 2019 when I got my Garmin watch. I was very underweight back then and even got referred to a nutritionist who advised me to eat more (lol). It stayed pretty much flat from June until October when suddenly it started going up, probably because that’s when I left my previous job.

So a little while ago I noticed it was still creeping up and I thought to myself that maybe I don’t really need to eat chocolate buttons every day.

Over the Christmas break I am doing better at not being hungry. I get up, eat a small amount of breakfast, then I go for a run and when I get back I have a bowl of microwaved porridge and a banana. Second breakfast.

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