After I had that interview a few weeks ago for a company that develop healthcare apps, I got a little idea in my head that I could make a wellbeing app. It solves a few of my problems, i.e. firstly that I should be paying more attention to my wellbeing, secondly that it gives me something non-trivial to do with a modern JavaScript framework, which will help my medium term career, and thirdly it might even make me some money in the future. So I have been working on this for the past few weeks and it’s getting close to a first release. Another week or so, I think. Maybe a bit more.

I think the biggest success I’ve had with this is understanding myself well enough to plan things in such a way that I’ll actually finish it. I wanted to get the data being backed up to Google Drive, so it made sense to start with that since it was kind of the deepest thing and then work outwards. But that sort of thing is incredibly tedious. You need to spend time reading other people’s documentation and understanding how other people’s systems work. That’s dull. I knew if I started with this I’d risk getting bored before I really had anything. So I actually put that off til the end instead and started on things that gave me something I could see. Now the boring bits are still boring, but they’re easier to motivate myself to do, because I’ve already got most of it together and this is just the last little bit to tie it all together.

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