Today was the first day of the full citalopram dose again. I started myself off on 10mg and today went up to 20, just to make it a bit more gradual. Oh my stomach really hates me today. Hopefully that will settle down tomorrow. I do think I feel a bit more relaxed though. I’m not sure if that’s placebo or optimism or what, but it’s there.

Today was another day spent with me expecting my boss to call me all morning, but he didn’t. This happened a few weeks ago, and it turned out he was on holiday. Apparently he didn’t consider it important to tell me this. I’m guessing it’s the same today…

3 thoughts on “20

    1. Thank you Nik. It’s a bit frustrating at the moment because I really need to discuss what I’m supposed to be doing with him! I find it bizarre though… If you’re not going to be working, surely you would tell the people you manage…

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      1. It worked out better with my boss if I just told him what I was going to be doing, unless he wanted me working on something else. He generally had no idea & just let me get on with it. Occasionally he’d redirect me, but not often.

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