Do I exist?

Today has been a strange day. We were supposed to be taking part in the ONS COVID19 study, which means they come to your house and test you. This is separate from the NHS testing, I think, this is a statistical study. We had an appointment and everything, but they just didn’t turn up. I was interested because as well as the swab test they also do an antibody test, and as I think I had it in March, the results would have been interesting. But they didn’t come and haven’t contacted us, so I don’t know if that’s just not going to happen now.

Also, my boss usually calls me daily just for a catch up, but today he didn’t. I was expecting it all morning but it didn’t happen. The only other time he has not made contact was one day that he pre warned me he’d likely be busy. What happened? Was he even working today? I don’t know. Very unusual.

I coped with this… poorly. I was nervous about the COVID test for whatever reason, and I suppose the anticipation of hearing from my boss and then not also contributed. Today was definitely one of those days that I miss being on citalopram.

Also, my foot/neuroma has been aching today. I don’t feel it’s really settled down ever since I aggravated it way back in June. I’m not getting the sharp pains anymore, it’s just a dull aching. Is that better? Probably…

2 thoughts on “Do I exist?

  1. Miss it enough to be tempted to go back on it or does getting through today show you how far you’ve come & that you don’t need it? That’s proper bad form of them testers just not to turn up. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.

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    1. It felt tempting yesterday but obviously it would take weeks to really feel any effect. It was just one day though. Most days I don’t feel any need to be on it.

      And yes I was very unimpressed by the testing people!

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