Hello again, LinkedIn

I ended up recreating my LinkedIn profile today, because I got a bit fed up of my boss earlier. We don’t have very good processes at this company for deploying our releases. Deploying releases is always hairy but there are ways to make it less hairy, such as taking backups and rolling back if things don’t go as they should. My boss doesn’t do that, and then when it doesn’t work he sends a cryptic one line email which explains a small percentage of what you need to know. I find the email thing really odd. On a call he’s fine, he explains things properly, but on email he just doesn’t. Literacy problem? I don’t know.

So today I got just frustrated enough to make myself visible in the job market again.

But interestingly work was not what was really stressing me. I thought it was, but it’s not. I didn’t notice until this evening, but my watch says my stress levels have been super high all day, even before I woke up.

Even so, I think it’s about the right time to be getting back on LinkedIn. As it’s a fresh profile I don’t have any connections so it’ll take a little while to build visibility to recruiters. I haven’t really done much. I added my current job title and employer and university but haven’t put my old jobs and descriptions on there yet. I can get all that from my CV from last year.

Next problem will be thinking of how to write my achievements in this job. What have I actually done here? Lots of things but it’s all specific to the project, whereas my for my previous job it was easier to explain things in a more abstract way. I will need to think about how to present that. Although I think that after being here almost a year, I’m not sure my CV has really got any stronger. That’s interesting.

And I guess I should also take a professional looking photo, urgh… maybe I’ll leave that a few weeks. I don’t know. The point of LinkedIn for me is to get agency recruiters talking to me. I don’t really expect to be dealing with actual employers. So maybe the photo doesn’t matter.

3 thoughts on “Hello again, LinkedIn

  1. Wow, has it really been that long?
    Sometimes jobs are just stepping stones. Even if it hasn’t improved your cv, it gave you that necessary escape from your previous job, and a chance to take a breath, evaluate, & gather your thoughts.
    If an agency passes your details onto a prospective employer, the employer might look for you on LinkedIn (mine did).

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    1. Yes it’s already been almost a year. Time flies! I think the point about it not seeming that my CV has become stronger is just a reminder that I probably shouldn’t stay here too long.

      I had an agency phone me up today after seeing my LinkedIn (they must have had my number from last year). It didn’t go anywhere but it seems like a good sign anyway.

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