The past two weekends I’ve been watching the Star Wars prequels. This weekend was Attack of the Clones. I never really liked the prequels much when they came out, but after seeing the most recent trilogy I appreciate them better. OK the acting’s a bit rubbish, but if you overlook that they’re not so bad. But also you see things through a different perspective as you get older. When you are younger you just see Anakin not behaving as a jedi should. When you are older you notice that the Jedi aren’t exactly setting him up for success. Maybe Kreia was right.

I thought I should watch them again because I’ve also been watching Clone Wars on Disney+. It was recommended to me a few years ago by someone I worked with. And actually it’s pretty good! The first few episodes are aimed at children but at some point they seem to change it to more young-adult and then slightly less young adult and it picks up quite a bit.

In related news, Disney is trying to get me to watch the new Mulan film for only £20! Well actually it’s £20 on top of the Disney+ subscription, which is £5.99/month. Who’s going to pay £20 to watch Mulan on TV? I hope I’m not out of touch on this. This seems like a ridiculous price to me and I hope this isn’t the future of film.

2 thoughts on “Disney

  1. I’m happy to admit to never having heard of Mulan, nor having watched clone wars.
    We’re struggling to find things to watch though. We ended up on Zoo ( on Netflix).

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    1. Mulan is also an older animated Disney film (1998) about a girl who pretends to be a boy to join the army (if I remember correctly), but they have remade it with people. Supposedly it was very expensive to make so they’ve really been pushing it. But also people have been boycotting it because the lead actress expressed support for Hong Kong police brutality. So it’ll be interesting to see if it does well. I hope it flops, but we’ll see.

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