Not the best time to get ill…

It’s 5 AM. My throat hurts. My resting heart rate is 70 (normally about 45). My watch is saying my stress levels have been through the roof even while I’ve been asleep. The last time I had a cold, my watch barely noticed.

This isn’t looking too promising…

Update 10:30… Ok, I’m not feeling too bad (I had worse flu last year) but I’m definitely not well. I’ve spent the morning lying in bed and this is my stress:

Do I have the virus? I’ve no idea. They don’t seem to have enough of a grip on the symptoms or spread of ‘mild’ cases to say one way or the other.


3 thoughts on “Not the best time to get ill…

    1. Thank you. I’m at high risk of getting it because of how overcrowded the trains are, but I’m at very low risk of developing serious symptoms so I’m not worried – it’s just an inconvenience!

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