My stomach bug seems to have mostly gone now. I tried running yesterday and it was dreadful. I managed 4k before I went home and collapsed in a sweaty mess, reminding myself that I have been ill and maybe I should have just had a quiet morning in. But I tried again today at lunch and it was good.

Thing is though… after having contracted a cold and a stomach bug already this year (and it’s only March)…

I’m kind of worried about the coronavirus. With exponential growth, things look underwhelming, until they’re not. I’m worried about getting it myself (probably from the train), but I’m more worried about passing it on to my 65 year old parents. If there are 39 confirmed cases in the UK there are probably hundreds of actual cases already, walking around and infecting others. The problem here isn’t so much the virus itself but the risk of the health service becoming overwhelmed. I find it scary, anyway.

6 thoughts on “Corona

  1. I’m glad your stomach bug’s gone & you’re feeling better. Where are the UK cases? The ones I knew about were in Newcastle in the specialist facility there.

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    1. Thank you Nik. I’m not sure where the cases are actually. I know that most of them have recently traveled to infected areas but a few hadn’t.

      The news (which I’m supposed to not be reading!) is being very alarmist and it’s hard to get a feel for it. The Chinese cases seem to have slowed down at 80k cases which is tiny as a percentage of their population, plus China is so densely populated and some areas don’t have great hygiene standards. But the news is acting like most of the UK is going to get it….

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      1. I avoid the news. The mortality rate of corona virus isn’t very high but then I’m an optimist in a sparsely populated part of the country (even though I was in Newcastle today). Husband was down in Essex the other day & people are way more “stare at you like you’re diseased if you so much as sniff” whereas up here people are just carrying on as normal.

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