The bees were huge and for some reason the only way to fend them off was to shoot them in their knees. Unfortunately, try as I did, I just couldn’t hit the stupid bee in the knee. And there was a serial killer. He was bald and he had an evil face. I think he was controlling the bees. I think the bees may have started off as horses but changed into bees part way through the dream, which might explain why they were so big. Horse sized evil bees!

I was not a happy bunny when I woke up at 1:34 this morning.

I was also not a happy bunny when I woke up at 5:15, because I was having another dream about fucking Becky from my old job. Please note that that was an adjective, not a verb. I can’t actually remember now what she was doing in my dream, but I remember being displeased when I woke up. Less displeased than about the bees though.

10 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Sounds unpleasant 😦 sometimes I don’t remember the dream but I feel unsettled or a sense of wrongness & then can’t work out why.
    Do you analyse your dreams, or forget them & move on? I find that unless I talk about them / write them down / think about them that they soon fade from my mind.

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    1. I usually wake up in the early hours, think “that was a weird dream, I’ll think about it more later” then fall asleep again and it’s gone. I think most of my dreams go that way. Sometimes little fragments come to me later in the day and I’m never sure if it was a recent dream or not. Dreams are strange! The best one I’ve had recently though was that an owl landed on my sister’s head. I keep telling her about it – she is not amused!

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      1. If it makes you feel better, I had a dream years ago where my little brother got kidnapped – found the kidnappers, grabbed the rifle from one of them and tried to shoot him point blank… and missed! So maybe it wouldn’t have helped if you could shoot the bodies. 😉

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