So the end of the week running review is as follows. I ran Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun. I haven’t totalled it up, but it’ll be about 25k. This feels like absolutely nothing, but is actually a respectable distance to say I haven’t run at all in four weeks.

Yesterday I did parkrun – it’s a two lap course, and I did the first lap very slowly, then got bored and did the second lap at probably 90% effort. I chickened out of the long run today because it just seemed like a bad idea after that, and did about 6k.

The injury is… I don’t know? It’s not bad. It’s not 100%, but it’s not bad either.

I’m finding that if it starts feeling uncomfortable then stretching a bit makes it subside. I’d rather be in the position that it doesn’t start feeling uncomfortable in the first place, but it’s definitely manageable and not a big deal at the moment. And, I don’t think it’s any worse for running.

So I’m still undecided on physiotherapy.

7 thoughts on “THE WEEK

  1. Stretching is good, & I don’t see what harm it’ll do to see a physio (esp. if it’s NHS / work rather than you paying).
    Glad to hear it’s getting better 🙂 & just keep gently increasing & hopefully all will stay well.

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    1. Well it would be a private physio (about £40 per session), which makes me think “hmmm”. Worth it if I need it, but I’m not sure I do at the moment. I could try NHS but I think it would be a loooong wait.

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