Parkrun number 50 today! It went ok. I was slow, but it’s the first fast run I’ve done for a while so that’s ok. My abs felt fine, though this evening they feel a bit tender. That’s an improvement anyway.

So I am all set for starting to run at lunch time next week. My new shoes are here and will be transported to their new home under my desk on Monday, my new bag is here and is big enough to fit my running clothes and a towel.

I’ve been kind of paranoid about the hygiene (smell) issue, but I think it should be fine. I ended up being quite sweaty getting into the office on Friday because of spending 20 minutes crammed in on a late and very overcrowded train

(The conductor apologised. In the most monotone voice you can imagine, he announced “I would like to apologise for the severe overcrowding this morning. This is due to a short train formation. I can offer no explanation as to why this is.”)

and then having to rush to get to work on time in the suddenly tropical December weather while wearing a big coat. I sat down at my desk with sweat dripping off my temples. That was a perfect test though. I was slightly upset at a vague hint of an unpleasant smell on the train home, but that went away when the greasy looking 20 year old boy sitting next to me got off.

When I got home I smelled the armpits of my clothes (as normal people do) and despite the fact they were definitely moist (pleasant!), the only scent I got was deodorant.

Running today was another test. Parkrun was max effort and I did another 5k to get home at moderate effort. I got home feeling pretty fresh, actually. The only giveaway that I’d been exerting myself was the fact my hair was damp. I can work with that.

So I think the plan will be to run such that I’ll have a ten minute walk back to the office so I’ll have stopped sweating by the time I get back, and untie my hair so it can dry off a bit. Then I can use wipes and towel myself off at work, reapply deodorant and hopefully that’ll be fine? I think I’m worrying about nothing. Someone at my previous job used to run to work (no shower) and I never gave him a second thought. Until now!

6 thoughts on “Running!

  1. Fab! Congratulations on the parkrun 50. & for getting yourself sorted for the running at work. I’m sure it’ll be fine, it’s stale sweat that smells, & that takes a while. Plus it’d have to get through your clothes to be noticeable. Let us know how the running goes đŸ™‚

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    1. Yep! I’ve been reading up on it (exciting topic, I know) and it’s the bacteria that breaks down sweat… but interestingly, only sweat from certain areas of the body (armpits, scalp and private regions primarily), as the glands there secrete sweat with higher levels of protein, which the bacteria likes. I guess the smell happens when there’s lots of sweat and the bacteria population grows, so as long as I towel myself off, I should be OK for the afternoon at least.

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