Counting down…

I’ve carefully arranged a doctor’s appointment AND an orthodontist appointment on different days to get two working from home days over the next few weeks.

The orthodontist is because I have a fixed retainer on the back of my teeth, but the glue has broken in quite a few places. In the past whenever this has happened I’ve always been on top of getting it sorted out quickly (in case the teeth start shifting), but when it happened last year I had bigger things going on and just ignored it. Teeth being out of alignment hardly seems important when you’re actually suicidal (also: they don’t seem to have moved). Anyway, it broke in another place a few weeks ago, so I felt it was time to get it re-done and it gives me a working from home excuse.

I don’t actually know how many days I have left in the office. My notice period runs until the 15th, so that’s 14 days minus the two above. I have been told I can take my remaining days of holiday during my notice (which I will do), but I haven’t been given a definite number on what this is. I think I have 3.3 days using the simple approach of saying we’ll be x% through the year so I am entitled to x% of my annual holiday allowance. But I need to get HR lady to confirm the number. I’ve been putting it off because I expect her to be difficult. She is always difficult. I emailed her before I left today and asked her to give me a holiday balance statement (or rather: I said I’d been told she would give me one and queried when I could expect it).

So… I think I have 9 days left in the office, or maybe only 8 if they round up the 0.3? I’m not sure how they will handle that since I’m legally entitled to the 0.3, aren’t I? I don’t know, I’m not a solicitor.

4 thoughts on “Counting down…

  1. I wonder if they’ll round it to half a day, or maybe offer to pay you for it.
    Good luck dealing with HR, sometimes I forget they exist for the good of the company rather than for the employees.

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    1. So far she has acted in neither the good of the company or the good of myself… she’s actually given me ammunition for a constructive dismissal case (not that I’m expecting to pursue it).


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