First, job-seeking stuff: I have a pretty good looking lead on a job from a recruiter. He sent me the job spec and I look almost perfect for it – there’s a lot of boxes and I’m ticking most of them, including a few of the “nice to haves”, so I’m feeling quite optimistic with this one. The only downside so far is that it’s based in a little village about 4 miles away, which means… I need to buy a car. But that’s OK, I think. 4 miles on quiet-ish roads sounds like something I can cope with. (I think this is the anti-depressants talking – I have always found the prospect of driving quite scary)

I have another couple of leads too. One requires a long winded application process, which I’ve been trying to do in work time today, and some of that I will be able to recycle for another one (which seems less good, because the commute is longer).

Second, work: I’ve had a huge conflict in my head about what to do about the Becky situation after the salary negotiation (which hasn’t moved on yet) and I’ve settled a bit as I’ve come to a conclusion. When the time is right and opportunity provides me with context (and I expect two such opportunities within the next month or so), I’ll be cryptic and remark that it has become clear to me that my efforts seeking improvement are better spent elsewhere. I’ll have to think about phrasing, but I like this approach because it’s just a statement of fact. It expresses that I am unhappy but I have come to accept that is not under my control. It’s an ultimatum, and my employer’s response dictates the outcome. I definitely feel calmer for reaching this decision. Of course, I need to see the outcome of the salary ultimatum first.

Third: I haven’t slept properly since last Tuesday. With all the running I do, I sleep about 9 hours a night usually. Lately I’ve been anywhere from 4 to 7 hours. 7’s not too bad, but it’s not what I need, and my resting heart rate is up which isn’t good. I feel a bit happier tonight, so I’m hoping tonight is the night…

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