I received the letter summarising the gastroenterology appointment…

The main thing he noted is that I’ve lost 10% of my weight over the past year. Some people would be happy with this, but I’m at the other end of that scale, and it’s a bit concerning.

He noted that I’d asked him about anti-depressants and speculated that maybe it was dietary due to my depression (I didn’t explain they were for anxiety, not depression, but that’s probably not important).

Actually I don’t think my diet is restricted at all. I think I eat a ridiculous amount and my body just refuses to hold on to much of it. I think if most people ate the amount I eat, they’d become morbidly obese quite quickly. I eat three large meals a day, I eat quite a lot between meals and I still feel hungry all the time. I am very active, but even so… there are faster people than me at Parkrun with more air resistance.

My anxiety does give me what seems to be medically termed “GI distress” though, so maybe that affects digestion.

Anyway, he has asked my GP to refer me to a dietitian, which I think could be educational.

I think, realistically, my weight is verging on unhealthy and might be affecting how I feel in general now. My BMI is hovering around 19.

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