Rain 🌧️

I’m currently lying in bed listening to some very heavy rain hitting the windows. Monty has decided he doesn’t like heavy rain now. It never used to bother him but now he’s older he’s getting more sensible. This will present a challenge with his morning toileting.

I’m most of the way through the Sopranos S4 now. I am still conflicted about it. It’s mostly a series about people eating. In between meals there are occasional bouts of extremely violent crime. I mostly see it as a bizarre sitcom which lets me mostly overlook the fact that all the characters are horrible and dysfunctional. Also, the product placement is a form of comedy in itself.

In other news, politics! Well I’m not going to vote Tory either way so it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to me, but my thoughts are: If Rishi Sunak actually runs then he’s inept. He has a much brighter future in two years time as opposition leader than spending two years now being PM on somebody else’s mandate with a trashed party reputation and a worsening economy. But actually I do think he’s inept so I think he’ll go for it now. 🤷‍♂️


2 thoughts on “Rain 🌧️

  1. We had really heavy rain too – mostly once I set off to the woods! I turned round & came back & thankfully it stopped but not before the road to the woods was flooded in places.
    Hope it stopped long enough for you & Monty to get out!

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    1. We managed to get out in-between heavy downpours but he suddenly dragged me back to the house just before the next one started. He seemed to know it was coming. Then I went running and got properly soaked 🙂

      It’s supposed to be a bit drier here now, still drizzly but without the ridiculous downpours. Hopefully it will be for you too. It’s so depressing when the weather is miserable.

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