More jobs

I communicated with two recruiters this week and now have one application in progress. It’s an ‘ehhh, maybe’. Anyway, their wish list overlaps with my experience and the salary is about right, so that’s good? I don’t know. Hiring is dependent on a bunch of things that are basically random.

The other recruiter I spoke to was annoying and pushy. Their role turned out to be a 12 month fixed term contract which they promise will become permanent at the end of it. I replied to say “sorry, I’m not leaving my permanent role for a 12 month contract”. They replied back to give me a long essay on how it’s “as good as permanent” and it just comes down to the client’s budget cycle, blah blah blah, and I should just have a ‘chat’ (AKA an interview) with the employer then decide.

I just ignored that one. I was going to reply back and say “I am only interested in permanent roles. When they are able to offer this I will be happy to consider it”, but I couldn’t be bothered. I already said no.

I replied to a couple more as well, but just a “can you give me some more details please” kind of thing. That’s enough for today.

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