Bad days…

Today has been yet another dreadful day and I’ve been considering starting back on Citalopram. Since I stopped it about three months ago this is the first day I’ve really actually seriously thought about it. I don’t know what the protocol is for this though. I still have quite a few weeks’ worth of it. Can I just start taking it again or am I supposed to talk to a doctor? As far as they know, I never came off it and I guess my prescription is still active (though I don’t know how many reissues I get).

Anyway I probably won’t start imminently because tomorrow is a new day and I’ll probably feel better, but I think I need to start tracking my moods seriously. Sometimes it feels like I have a lot of bad days, but I don’t really know.

6 thoughts on “Bad days…

  1. I found daylio quite useful for that. I’ve got a reminder on the phone. As a default if I haven’t put anything by bedtime I tend to go with ok if . There are lots of things happening around now to make things tougher (it’s cold & dark, don’t know if you’ve had storms & awful weather, another lockdown…).

    You’re probably supposed to talk to a doctor or other mental health professional. Have you been on & off it before? Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day & these past few are just a blip x

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    1. I thought you were probably right (about talking to a Doctor) so I have been in touch with my GP and they say it’s fine to go back on! So at least I don’t need to worry about that.

      I am rubbish at using apps to track things because I just forget. Do you use the reminder setting in Daylio? Mine just never pops up.

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      1. I’m glad you spoke to the GP. I was just wondering how you’ve been getting on since your post.

        I have been this last while, & I’m not sure whether it’s the same on the free version but I have 3 reminders set. It pops on screen with the 5 faces, & I just pick the one I want.

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      2. I have the paid version (through Google Play Pass) and it’s never worked for me. Android can be fussy about notifications though with its battery optimisation so I will need to google it.

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