My hip improved then got worse again. After Sunday, I did a lot of foam rolling and by Wednesday I was running again, mostly pain free. Then a longer run Thursday, which was OK. But by Friday it was hurting again and this morning I had to stop at 10k. I think hills are a problem. I stopped at the bottom of a hill this morning and had to walk home and it was painful just walking up it. It’s weird because it feels OK again now, but now I have a lot of aches in my upper hamstrings and into my bottom. I think that’s probably where the dysfunction is, especially as hills seem to set it off. It’s always hard to know what to do with these kinds of injuries. Obviously it needs rest, but I’m not sure that’s going to be enough.

I’m a bit worried about the COVID second wave that we seem to be experiencing. Or rather, I’m worried by our government’s approach to it. Similarly to March, we have the luxury of being a few weeks behind other European countries, so we can look at them to see a glimpse into our future, and yet we don’t seem to be learning any lessons from that. We know where this goes. I can understand reluctance to lock things down again but I’m very surprised we don’t have some strong messaging on working from home again.

2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I’m out of touch & apart from where it affects my friends I have no interest. Are you still working from home? I work for a company that’s decided to keep people at home regardless of how the rules relax. Partly they care about their staff, partly they’re concerned about the impact if the manufacturing / release gets shutdown because of a site outbreak.

    Sorry to hear about your hip. It seems you’ve been plagued by injury as long as I’ve been following your blog.

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    1. Yep, I’m still working from home. Nothing has been said about going back (yet) and hopefully it stays that way for a while. It sounds good your employer has committed to working from home.

      As for the injury… well I usually run about 60-70km a week so things hurting a bit just comes with the territory, but I think I’ve been a bit unlucky lately. Hopefully a few days off will sort it out, but who knows?

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