I haven’t been furloughed, but I had an email today from the managing director saying that the company will be applying for the government furlough scheme and some of my colleagues will be furloughed, though my role is deemed to be safe.

When I spoke to my manager this morning he seemed quite grumpy at the start of the call, which is unusual, and I guess that’s why. I don’t know who is getting furloughed yet, but I could take a few guesses…

I’m a bit upset though. It’s worrying. I don’t know why though. The practical reality if I was furloughed is that I’d probably enjoy relaxing. The reduction of income would be mildly annoying but would have no material effect on my life. So it shouldn’t worry me really. But it does.

3 thoughts on “Furlough

    1. Thank you. I spoke to my manager this morning and feel a bit happier! The people being furloughed are in customer facing roles so it makes sense they have much less to do at the moment.

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