More dreams

The other night I woke up at the dreaded four o clock after having a dream about work. Except, it wasn’t my work. I’ve been watching Star Trek Picard, and the blonde robotics doctor Agnes Jurati was my coworker. But she didn’t like me much and was quite mean to me so one day I walked out. I woke up really stressed about a job I don’t even have.

Later, I went back to sleep and I was on the bus going home from work (I don’t even travel by bus). Part way home I decided I should go back to work, so I got off the bus and walked back to work with a man who for some reason I met along the way. When I got back to work, they’d decided to close the office early, which also meant I couldn’t work my hours. One of my co-workers (real co-worker, blonde, coincidence?)) was there and she was looking at my timesheet (we don’t even record timesheets) saying things like “well, it’s whether you think you can explain to your manager why your hours aren’t complete…”, which stressed me when I woke up.

I have more stress in my life from imagined jobs than I do from my real job. 🀨

7 thoughts on “More dreams

    1. Thank you. Actually I don’t mind the dreams too much. I never used to dream very much until I started taking anti-depressants. I find the dreams quite interesting really.

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      1. Well yeah, generally dreams are a great thing and I also think it’s better to have any dreams – even if they’re more or less stressful most of the time – than none at all, as dreaming is very interesting indeed, and even those stressful and yucky ones can at times be quite therapeutic and can give us some insight in what’s going on in our brains. I am a very vivid dreamer but although a lot of my dreams are not particularly pleasant or even scary and unsettling, I think it would be really boring if I had none or not as vivid as I normally have.

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