Hmmm… 🤔😷

I started to feel much better this afternoon, which was promising, and my heart rate dropped back to normal. I was expecting to go into work tomorrow…

Unfortunately this evening it’s shot back up again, and I now have a fever too. So with the fever I now fit the NHS guidance to self isolate for seven days. I’m not sure what my employer will think to that…

Personally, I think I’ve got it (Corona) and they’ve massively underestimated the number of active cases.

I don’t feel too bad though really. I just feel like I have mild flu. Unpleasant but not debilitating. I had a much worse dose of it last January.

13 thoughts on “Hmmm… 🤔😷

  1. I’m sure work will understand. Better one person at home than risk quarantining the entire workplace with everyone home. Take care, & I hope you’re better soon.

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    1. Thank you Lavender! Yes – taking things seriously – that’s the thing. Technically I’m well enough to be at work today but a few of my colleagues are over 65 and I’d have to take a very overcrowded train to get there. Maybe I’m worrying over nothing, but there’s the thought in the back of my mind saying “what if I do have it and I pass it on and someone dies?”. The UK is being quite politically laissez-faire over the whole thing (though not as bad as the great orange one), but other European countries are treating it like a serious emergency. It’s confusing and it’s hard to know how to react.


      1. I just hope voters remember in the next election who stepped out ahead of federal guidelines and tried to enact appropriate precautions, vs. which crazy-haired idiots abandoned all responsibility…

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      2. The first U.S. counties went into full lockdown on one coast, we had a news conference about “yup, we’re going to have a Europe-style overrun on hospital capacity. Social distancing has failed” on the other, and the markets crashed so hard that they only didn’t break loss records because there were fail safe triggers that were tripped. I wouldn’t say I’m an “optimist” so much as a realist who acknowledges “if this can all happen in the span of two hours and voters *still* vote for Trump come November, then nothing can save us from ourselves.” It’s either move heaven and earth to get the orange idiots out of office, or I guess write a friendly “hello from the lost ones” to whatever sentient beings evolve to inherit the planet after us. Here’s hoping their future waterworld anthropologists from their post-climate-change-event horizon world will find the cultural artifacts that all of our blogs will be for them and sympathize with those of us who at least *tried* to do the right thing…


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