Ibuprofen day 6

I had a possible breakthrough yesterday when I found a stretch that relieves the discomfort. Basically, although it’d been improving, I could still feel a patch in my abs that really wasn’t happy when I did a particular pose. The pose is to lie on your back with your arms flat on the ground past your head, raise your legs off the ground to say 45 degrees, and then raise your arms and upper back off the ground. As soon as I raised my arms, I’d feel it in the area that’s been hurting.

Yesterday I discovered that if stand tall and stretch my arms overhead (and really, really stretch, so my back is kind of curving backwards, while sucking my stomach in as much as possible, then this stretch actually makes it possible for me to do the first pose without any discomfort.

I’m pretty excited by this because it means I might be back running soon, but since I’m not running at the moment I’ll err on the side of patience. Another week or so isn’t going to make much difference to my fitness but might make a lot of difference to my muscle recovery.

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