Injuries 🤔

Sooo, I decided to stop running and doing any kind of strength training for a few weeks, to try to get my tendon strain (?) to heal itself a bit quicker. There is a half-marathon I want to do in April, and it’d be nice to get a few solid months of training in.

A week later…

I used to get some pains in every day life, like when getting out of bed (sit up type movements). I’m not getting those anymore, which suggests it’s improving.

I don’t know when to try running again though. Is this weekend too early? Maybe I will leave it until next weekend.

In the meantime I am trying to open up my hips a bit. I discovered that the left (the painful side) is much tighter than the right, so I have been foam rolling and stretching with some gentle yoga poses. I’m not sure it’s having any effect so far…

When I get back running, I must be more diligent about strength training and stretching. The routine might work pretty well if I can run at lunch times and then have the evenings for rolling/strength/stretching.

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