Yesterday is the first time in he three-ish months that I’ve been taking it that I accidentally missed a dose of Citalopram. I usually take it first thing in a morning and somehow I just didn’t remember until late afternoon, at which point I felt fine so I just left it and didn’t think about it again.

I didn’t notice any difference until I went to bed and about an hour after I’d normally be asleep I was stressing about… work? Lately I haven’t had any trouble at all falling asleep, but last night my mind just wouldn’t stop talking. I didn’t connect the dots until this morning that I was probably starting to experience withdrawal.

Today I had an email from HR lady’s assistant, who I don’t think I’ve ever met. She wanted a password of an account I had, but she started off the email with “I hope you are well”. As she had CCed HR lady, I felt this invited a comment, so I said “I am well thank you – in fact my well-being has recently improved quite substantially. I hope you are well too”. I really wanted to put more detail in there, express surprise that HR had become concerned about my well-being only after I leave, casual reference to the large pay rise my new job has given me, etc… but the “less is more” approach seemed more effective. If I’d seemed bitter it would have been interpreted as a reflection on me, but an unemotional factual statement is hard to argue with. It also subtly undermines HR lady’s “well-being” initiative that she is supposedly launching. I think I’m getting better at this office politics business. Hopefully this is a skill I will not be needing again soon, but it’s useful to have.

Anyway… I told her I couldn’t remember the password.

I also had an email from my new employer’s HR lady (I need a better naming system), giving me a list of things to bring on the first day. Uh oh, it’s starting to feel real!

I have to say that I quite liked the new HR lady when I met her at the interview. She interviewed me but made it feel like a natural conversation. It was only afterwards I realised she had actually interviewed me and not just spent a while chatting. She was very… warm.

4 thoughts on “Missed

  1. Anything they wanted from you they should’ve had the foresight to realise before you left. I like the approach you took in your reply.

    Warm HR, a conversation that was actually an interview. Now that’s the way to do it!

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