Today was a working from home day and I have ‘only’ covered 5km on foot (walking to and from the orthodontist). As bizarre as it sounds, I feel like I’ve been very inactive today. Last week, I covered an average of 20km a day on foot; 5km feels like nothing.

Today is the first day in about two weeks that I haven’t been running. Unfortunately I have been having some slight discomfort in my hip flexor or lower abs – not really sure which. It was getting better last week after some stretching, but then pushing it too much for Parkrun on Saturday seemed to upset my progress and even a slow run on Sunday was uncomfortable. So I decided to take a rest day today. I also won’t be running tomorrow as it’s a counsellor visit after work so I don’t really have time.

It’s surprising how different it feels to have just one easy day. I feel: a lot less tired and a lot less hungry. According to my watch I’m usually burning 3000-3500 calories a day, and it’s quite unusual tonight that it’s 9:40 and I’m not asleep yet!

I started doing so much exercise as a means to manage my mental health, and the distances just kept increasing as I got fitter. I wonder if I’m doing a bit too much though.

4 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. Maybe you are doing too much, especially if you feel better having had a rest day. Are you enjoying the exercise, or feeling compelled to do it? Maybe it’s time for some variety rather than increasing the distance, is there something else you fancy? & what would you do with the time you got back?

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    1. I do enjoy it but I think I push myself a bit too much. I’ve got better at making sure most of my runs are slow but I think all the walking I do on top of it is probably a bit much. I’m wanting to keep a high running mileage though because I want to convince myself I can do a marathon 🙂 I also really want to get a sub-20 minute parkrun time but sadly my time is going in the opposite direction! (which is probably an indication I’m overtraining…).

      We will see how the new job affects things though – you’re right, maybe I won’t feel the need to exercise so much.

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  2. whoops – Pressed enter instead of deleting the bit about the distance. It may be that once you’re settled in your new job & don’t have a toxic environment to compensate for that your need for so much exercise isn’t there. I hope you recover from being uncomfortable soon, best wishes.

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