Citalopram day 28

Today I went back to the doctor because I have almost finished my first prescription of Citalopram. Apparently I’m up to day 28 now; doesn’t time fly?

I don’t know for sure how it’s affecting me because I’ve just had a week on holiday, I’m off work this week, so all in all I’ve had an easy few weeks.

I think I’m doing better though. My perception is that I still experience anxiety more than I should, and in the moment it still feels unpleasant, but I am able to function much better while I’m experiencing it. To me, it feels like a very subtle change. My mum thinks I’m doing a lot better though and has commented so a few times. She thinks I’m appearing happier, more relaxed and chattier and more like my old self.

Anyway, the doctor prescribed another two months’ supply. I’m a bit surprised she didn’t just give it to me on repeat, but OK.

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