Citalopram day 6

I went up to 20mg today as intended.

I had a little bit more nausea again, but nothing too bad. I felt very jittery at work and not at all relaxed, but who knows whether this is the medicine or just how I feel anyway. I felt drained by the time I left work.

I am a bit concerned though, because I’ve noticed my heart rate has dropped by about 5-10bpm since I started taking it. This morning at work it was dipping into the low 40s when I was sat at my desk. I run a lot so a low heart rate is to be expected, but seeing it go below 50 while I’m awake is unusual for me. Seeing it go down to 42 while I’m at work and not very relaxed is very much into “hmm” territory. I am going to mention this to the doctor on Wednesday.

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