Promising starts

The official job search is off to a strong start.

I’ve had I don’t know how many messages from recruiters on LinkedIn. Probably about 12. I replied to two first thing, one hasn’t been acknowledged but the other turned into a phone call this afternoon and he’s put me forward for five different roles.

I have a call scheduled with another recruiter tomorrow, whose introductory message said he has three roles that may fit.

I felt quite jittery about it this morning and I was questioning why I’m doing this to myself when I could just stay in my nice easy job (that I hate), but happier this afternoon after speaking to the recruiter. I think I’m remembering too much about my last job search, 7 years ago. I think I expect it to go the same way even though nothing is the same. Back then I had no self confidence and the job market was terrible.

I still don’t feel I have self confidence, even though I have tonnes more than I did back then. I think something that has really helped me with that over the past year was seeing my counsellor. When I started seeing her I had to plan out everything I was going to say in advance. Sometimes I would practice it. Now I just turn up and start blabbering impromptu. I think just the experience of opening myself up to someone I really don’t actually know at all has been helpful for my social anxiety. I think, if I’m honest, my last job search was hard because I was scared of dealing with recruiters, scared of interviews, scared of employment, and I self-sabotaged it a bit.

Here is my watch’s estimation of my stress levels over the past 7 days:



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