…And today’s not great either

Hmm. My terrible mood from yesterday flowed into today, but I realised I what I was actually most annoyed about was my friend at work and the way he spoke to me yesterday. He told me I was being ridiculous getting upset by rudeness from Becky, he said I do the same to her (???) and said if it was anyone else I wouldn’t care. This was in a slightly heated conversation in WhatsApp. I got pissed off with him and I told him that I feel threatened by her because of things said and done in the past and being around her all day is actually really difficult.

Proving him entirely wrong in as much as I really can get upset with other people too, I was still so annoyed with him today that I just deleted WhatsApp without checking if he’d replied. I felt a lot better after that. I only used it to speak to him and I’m not going to reinstall it.

So I felt a lot better until the anxious part of my mind starting whirring and piped up with “what if he shows other people the messages and you get in trouble?” and now I feel very unsettled again. Why would he do that…

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