Not every day can be a good day

So today was my last ‘normal’ day at work. I have next week off and then it’s serious job-seeking mode. I’m fully expecting to hand in my notice in a matter of weeks rather than months and to be honest I can’t wait.

I made a LinkedIn profile which might passively yield some results before I start being more active in a week’s time and I’m pleased with it. I even put a photo on there. I don’t know if my employer will notice this, but if they do, it’ll be pretty obvious to them I’m intending to leave. That could lead to an interesting chat with my boss.

But to be honest, today was dreadful. I don’t really know what was wrong, I just felt terrible all day. I was very easily irritated by Becky and I had to go and stand outside a few times to calm myself down. My friend at work was completely unsympathetic and basically told me I was insane, which is pretty rich coming from him. I felt unsettled all day.

And then after I got home I learnt that my great auntie passed away this morning, which wasn’t altogether unexpected and she’s been in a pretty bad state for a while now, but… it’s still a shock.

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